The lion feels free

Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

A path by the pond
conceal the forest wilderness.
I see the pond.
I see myself.
I see a deer-eyed lion.
I am the deer-eyed lion.
The lion feels free.
Chasing the ego
which transcends me.
I feel free.

Leaves are falling colourfully.
Deer eyed lion in black and white.
I lookout.
I see the pond.
I see myself.
I am chasing what transcends in me.
A path by the pond
concealed by the wilderness.
A lion stands by in me.




Be self-reliant to find solace

Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

Gentle reminders for anyone who needs it :

*No matter how easy it is to self-deprecate ourselves, we all need to be happy to function.

*If you have found a source of happiness that brings you joy and makes you forget of what sadness is, then kudos to you.

*But you have to rely on yourself first. Be your happiness.

*Put yourself first. Be your source of happiness. The world is not just rainbows and sunshine. But try finding them within.

*If you want to take time to understand what makes you happy, then take that time.

*Let your body lead the way.

Think more rationally of the choices you can improvise on to make yourself feel better.

*Choose to be happy :)



Adya Mantoo :)

Adya Mantoo :)

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