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Free verse

Starry Night
Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

Storm of woes takes over the nightly sky,

Relentless I build a bridge from my vice.

I stand far-far from being wise.

Now I see the waves, attractive like the starry gaze.

In an ocean of virtues, beautifully carved,

I lay in this blissful dawn.

Alas, I was prey, now the storm is.


The lion feels free

Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

A path by the pond
conceal the forest wilderness.
I see the pond.
I see myself.
I see a deer-eyed lion.
I am the deer-eyed lion.
The lion feels free.
Chasing the ego
which transcends me.
I feel free.

Leaves are falling colourfully.
Deer eyed lion in black and white.
I lookout.
I see the pond.
I see myself.
I am chasing what transcends in me.
A path by the pond
concealed by the wilderness.
A lion stands by in me.


Change yourself to change your life

Photo by Olia Nayda on Unsplash

Talking about mental health is the new “normal.”

But please start prioritizing your mental health is all I am saying.

Take some rest. Attend to your body.

Over-challenging yourself is not practical.

Accept your flaws. Having flaws is to be human. You are human.

Seeing those small things are essential to make the bigger picture.

You can do it.

You are becoming stronger with every situation you face right now.

Don’t waste your mental space on a trivial query. Know what is worth your time.

We face problems which do take our time. Here’s how to receive negativities with grace:

a)Respond to negativity positively.

b) Accepting constructive criticism.

c) Leave the situation for a while so you can deal with it more rationally.

d)Remember that you are in control of your actions. So, take conscious decisions accordingly.


Free Verse

Photo by Carl Cervantes on Unsplash

The advent of seasons; lush green trees

Crowded parks and melted ice creams

Huge skyscrapers; a caricature of art

A silver lining found in mountains, rivers afar;

Long queues and the chitter-chatter presence;

Alive are those emblems amidst the present.

Those were the days, the days we all cherish.


Be self-reliant to find solace

Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash

Gentle reminders for anyone who needs it :

*No matter how easy it is to self-deprecate ourselves, we all need to be happy to function.

*If you have found a source of happiness that brings you joy and makes you forget of what sadness is, then kudos to you.

*But you have to rely on yourself first. Be your happiness.

*Put yourself first. Be your source of happiness. The world is not just rainbows and sunshine. But try finding them within.

*If you want to take time to understand what makes you happy, then take that time.

*Let your body lead the way.

Think more rationally of the choices you can improvise on to make yourself feel better.

*Choose to be happy :)

Adya Mantoo :)

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